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School Accountability Committee

Role of Our SAC/PAC Team

  1. Each school is responsible for establishing a School Accountability Committee (SAC) which should, at a minimum level, include the following number of people in these identified positions. 
    • The Principal
    • One parent who provides instruction in the school
    • three parents of students enrolled in the school
    • At least one adult member of an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school
    • At least one person from the community
  2. SAC members are responsible for the following: 
    • Recommending to the principal of the school the priorities for spending money.
    • Making recommendations to the principal concerning preparation of a school's Performance or School Improvement Plan. 
    • Making recommendations to the local school board concerning preparation for a school's requiring a Priority Improvement or a Turnaround Plan, if such a plan is required. 
    • Meet at least quarterly to discuss the state of the school and determine whether the school leadership, personnel, and infrastructure are following the appropriate plan for improvement. 


SAC Contacts
Title Name Email Address
Principal Amy Zulauf
Member/DAC Representative    


Meeting Dates

All meetings are held in the GCHS Library at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Please contact Principal Amy Zulauf for more information: